Villatoro Hotel Regulations


The Villatoro Management will highly respect Your cooperation for observing the Hotel Regulations, which should provide for peacefull and safe stay for our Guests.



1. The Regulations apply to all hotel Guests and lay down the rules for the hotel stay, providing services, as well as responsibilities, being an integral part of the hotel service agreement , which shell be concluded through singing the registrarion card, making a reservation or a down payment for the stay at the hotel.

2. The Regulations are made available at the hotel's reception , as well as in all hotel rooms

3. The hotel service prices related to the room reservation, the rules of returning the down payments, and others, are defined by the hotel service pricelist, available at the reception.



1. The hotel rooms are rented fot the periods of hotel nights.

2. If a Guest does not specify the stay time, it will be understood, that the room was rented for one night.

3. The hotel night lasts from 2:00 pm to 11:00 pm on the next day.

4. The wish to extend the stay beyond the time frame indicated at reservation should be declared at the reception by 9:00 am on the day when the time of the hotel room rental is expiring. The hotel shall accept the Guest's request to extend the stay if possible. The hotel may refuse the extension of stay in case there are no available rooms and in case the Guest do not observe hereby regulations or do not make payments for the current stay.



1. The hotel Guest shall present a picture ID and sign the registration card.

2. The hotel Guest shall not let other people use the room, even if the time for which the guest paid for the stay has not yet expired.

3. The hotel reserves the right to require a deposit or will preauthorize a credit card payment on account of a stay, and also reserves the right to charge his credit card (or similar) for damages or unpaid bills after the Guest leaves the hotel

4. Persons not registered at the hotel (whose stay has not been registered) can stay in a hotel room from 7:00 am to 10:00 pm. After 10:00 pm it is required to check in additional people staying in the Guest room for an additional fee based on the daily price.

5. Hotel may refuse to accept Guests, who during previous visits grossly violated the rules, in particular by causing damage to persons or property Guest rooms, the hotel staff, other persons, as well as the hotel's property, or otherwise interfered the stay of hotel Guests or function.



1. The hotel renders the services in accordance with its category and norms.

2. In case of any obections concerning the quality of service, Guests are requested to report them at the reception as soon as possible, which will allow the hotel to improve the service quality and to appropriately respond to the matter.

3. The hotel provides:

a) the conditions for relaxation

b) safety of residence, including keeping the information about Guest confidential

c) professional and coirteous service for all hotel services

d) room cleaning and necessary repairs during the absence of the Guest, and in the Guest presence, only when he or she expresses such wish

e) technically proficient room, in case of any defects which cannot be immediately removed, the hotel will strive to replace the room, whenever possible or otherwise mitigate the inconvenience.



1.The Guest has the right to make a complaint about any aspect of the Service or the Service Provider’s conduct which does not comply with the Terms and Conditions.

2.Any complaints, containing the Guest’s details and a short description of the reported complaint, should be reported in writing at the reception

3.The Service Provider looks into all complaints within 14 days of receipt.



At the Guests request, the hotel shall render the following services included in the price for the stay:       

 a) information related to residence and travel

b) wake-up call at the indicated hour

c) ordering a taxi

d) luggage storage (the hotel can refuse to accept baggage for safekeeping at times other than the period of stay of the Guest and things that do not have the characteristics of personal baggage)

e) storage (during the Guest's stay at the hotel) of money, securities and other valuable items, especially valuables, jewelery, objects having scientific or artistic value, unless precluded by the mandatory rules of the law. Hotel may refuse to accept these things for safekeeping only if they threaten the safety or if in relation to the size or the standard of the hotel have too high value or they occupy too much space



1. The Hotel's curfew starts at 10:00 pm and lasts until 6:00 am.

2. The behavior of the Guests and the persons using the services of the hotel should not interfere with the peaceful stay of other Guests. The Hotel is entitled to refuse to renter further services to a person, who violates this rule, which does not exempt him/her from the obligation to pay for the current stay (even begun hotel night), the additional services rendered and any caused damages.

3. For the sake of safe and comfortable stay of Guests in the hotel the following rules apply:

a) due to fire safety heaters, electric irons and other similar devices not constituting room equipment are prohibited in the hotel rooms.

b) it is forbidden to lodge and store hazardous materials, including weapons, ammunition, explosives, flammable materials, illuminatiom, toxic, corrosive materials;

c) smoking cigarettes and electronic cigarettes is completely prohibited and violating this rule will result in the penalty fee in the amount 500pln by way of lump sum fee for refreshment rooms;

d) children under 15 years of age should be under constand adult supervision;

e) no changes are allowed in the hotel rooms and their equipment, except for a minor rearranging small maveable furniture and equipment without compromising functionality and security, including interference with any installations or equipment at the hotel.

f) it is forbidden to emit excessive noise, odors, disturbing to other people staying at the hotel;

g) it is prohibited for Guests to enter places where there are meetings, conferences, weddings and other special events where the hotel Guests is not invited or participant.

h) animals staying at the hotel are to be preagreed with the hotel. During the stay pet's owner is obliged to carry its current medical and vaccination records. The owner is taking responsibility of any damage done by the animal.The owners are facing common rules: animals are not allowed in the restaurant, recreational and common social areas without a leash or a muzzle.



1. The hotel shall be liable for any loss or damage of objects brought by person using the services of the hotel within the certain relevant provisions of the Civil Code

2. The hotel is responsible for the loss, descruction or damage of cash, securities and othervaluable things in particular valuables, jewelery and objects of scientific or artistic value, only when these things will be put in storage at the hotel's deposit place.

3. The victim should inform the hotel reception about the damage immediately after it has been discovered.

4. The hotel is not liable for the destruction, loss or damage to cars or other vehicles and items contained therein and belonging to the hotel Guest.



1. The Guest should check, whether the doors are properly locked upon each exit from the room.

2. The hotel's Guests are held responsible for any kind of damage or destruction or lose of things caused in the hotel or its surroundings, due to the Guests fault or the persons visiting or staying under his/her care (i.e.children)

3. The Guest should notify the hotel reception immediately following any damage caused. The hotel will charge the Guest for the damage according to an estimate, which may be made during the Guest's stay at the hotel. In case the immediate specification of the amount is not possible, the hotel will prepare a preliminary cost estimate within a maximum of 5 working days, of which the hotel's personnel shall inform by phone, e-mail or by traditional mail, in accordance with the protocol drawn up. Guests will be charged with the hotel fees in correspondence to the caused damage (i.e. excluding the room from sale), as well as the fees to compensate the repair the damage.

4. In the event of unjustified fire emergency call on the part of the Guest, thę Guest shall be charged for the call, according to the bill issued by the Fire Department.


Personal belongings left in the room by a Guest will be sent on request to the indicated by him/her address and at his/her expense. In the absence of such instructions, the hotel shall store these items for one month and it shall be entitled to their destruction after that period. In case of food or other perishable items, which are subject to deterioration, such will be stores, but no longer than 24 hours



1. The Guest agrees to the storage and processing his/her personal data pursuant to Act.of 29.10.1997 on Personal Data Protection (Jurnal of Laws of 2016, item 922) by Citronex Sp. zo.o with it registered office in Zgorzelec, Boh. II AWP 64, 59-900 Zgorzelec NIP 615-202-14-13 for the needs of the Guest’s stay at the Hotel.

2. The Guest has the right to acces and change his/her personal data.

3. The Hotel makes every effort to ensure processing the Guest’s data in accordance with the highest security standards in lin with the Regulation of The UE Parliament and the Council 2016/679 of 27 April 2016 on the protection of indyviduals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data and the repeal of Directive 95/46/EC – GDPR

4. The purpose of the processing is:

a) Handling of inquiries – pursuant to Art. 6.1 a of GDPR – the consent of the person whose data is to be processed for a period of 30 days

b) Hotel room reservation - pursuant to Art. 6.1 a of GDPR – the consent of the person whose data is to be processed for a period of 12 months 

c) Implementation of the agreement of providing hotel hotel services pursuant to Art. 6.1 b of GDPR for a period of 5 years     

d) Marketing of personal data administrator services - pursuant to Art. 6.1 a of GDPR – upon the consent of the person whose data is to be processed – until the withdrawal of the consent of the person whose data is to be processed or the when the business purpose does no loger exist

f) Ensuring the safety of persons and property in the Hotel and Restaurant through the use of video monitoring - - pursuant to Art. 6.1 f of GDPR – for 30 days

5. Recipients of personal data include:

a) External accounting office

b) Supplier of the hotel services reservations platform

c) Companies providing marketing services

d) Provider of software used for sending commercial informations

e) Entities authorized to obtain personal data on the basis of law

6. The Guest have the right to request the administrator to provide access to the personal data, the right to adjust it, data transfer – concerns the objectives araising from legitimate interests pursued by the administrator of the implementation of the agreement on providing hotel services, and to the extent to which the consent has been granted – the Guest also have the right to remove or limit the processing, the right to object to the processing, the right to the withdraw theit consent a tany time

7. Guest have the right to submit a complaint to the supervisory authority

8. Providing personal data is voluntary, however, refusal to provide personal data may result:

a) In a refusal to provide hotel services – in the case of data processed in order to conclude an agreement on providing hotel services

b) In a refusal to make reservations – in case of room booking

9. The Hotel ensures that the Guest data will not be profiled


Hotel Management

Have a nice stay